The World Cup is finally here. As English people, we eagerly await each international tournament (apart from 2008 - that year we can’t really remember what happened). As it comes closer, our inhibitions go out the window and ‘it’s coming home’ becomes everyone and anyone’s new mantra.

A positive energy slowly encompasses the entirety of the country - it’s a great time to be English. If you’re feeling this, we’re sure you’ve got a few World Cup parties planned; they’re always great fun. However, you may be short or furniture or perhaps you’d just like some new items. Below, as one of the finest purveyors of furniture in the country, we’ll recommend our best world cup pieces for you.

Samba TV Stand

Let’s be honest with ourselves, your current TV stand just isn’t cutting it, is it? It looks old and quite frankly, dated. Don’t fear, though, there’s no need for this to be turmoil. Just pick up our Samba TV Stand. The Samba Stand is a modern furnishing that will invariably add a touch of elegance to any room. It’ll also be great to rest your TV on when England win the world cup. Currently in our sale, it’s selling at £129.99. Order now and we’ll have it with you by tomorrow.

Modern Furniture

Sven Chairs

It may don the same name of a man who was unable to utilise squad fraught with talent, but these chairs are far from underwhelming. They’re great. If you’ve got the attendance but not the capacity, they’re categorically the choice for you. Especially so at the price, they’re going (£49.99). An absolute bargain, that.

Milano Coffee Table

Coffee tables, decor that is regularly ignored when considering what needs replacement. They do, however, greatly contribute to the ambience of a room. They’re also a place for you to put your beer cans when you watch England win all their games. Perhaps this is an item you need this tournament?

World Cup Furniture

Furniture Box - World Cup Fever

We’re loving this World Cup so far. England won their first game and spirits are high. Usually here’s when companies would say order quick to have these items in time for England’s next game, but we offer 24-hour delivery. So you can leave it a day or two if you’d like. Oh, and that service is free. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these items.