Millennials are often cited as the killer-generation. We’ve killed buying houses. We’ve killed cinemas. We’ve killed the diamond industry. We’ve killed beer. To put it simply, we’ve killed a lot of things. I’m not too sure how we sleep at night.  

This is, at least, what we’re told. Killers. Rather extreme, don’t you think? We don’t think we’re killers. When we pour our milk into our cereal (another thing we’ve supposedly killed), I don’t think we envision the gushing insides of a 1%-led industry. We think of-- well, we think of our cereal. Sometimes we don’t even think about that (that’s usually when we spill our milk).

We’ve given birth to many industries, like for example, social media.

We’ve even resuscitated a few industries, one being Marvel comics. In the mid-1990s, the comic book industry was at an all-time low. The came the early 2000s when Hollywood started dipping their swinging lolly into the sherbet pack that is the multi-billion superhero movie industry. Millennials loved that. Marvel’s now a juggernaut on all fronts: movies, video games, figurines, etcetera; that doesn’t like it’s going to change.

Millennials taketh, millennials giveth.

We’re simply attempting to debunk the notion that millennials are compassion-free islands of anti-consumerism. We’re not. We’re just investing our money elsewhere, mostly online.  Commodities such as BitCoins, the famous cryptocurrency, have risen vastly. This wave of online consumerism has paved the way for many other great things.

[caption id="attachment_82" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Vogue Coffee Table[/caption]


It’s safe to say we’re a very millennial company. We established ourselves on eBay, not on the high street of a witch-burning village. Which would make us part of the killer-wave, which we love. We see this as being at the forefront of consumer progression.

We, and most importantly, you, are changing the way the market is dictated.

With us you can work a 9-5 day, let off some steam with your work pals by having a pint or two, go home and cook some food, binge a Netflix show, and then, after all that, decide you want to order a new Vogue Coffee Table (that came up naturally didn’t it? Yes, very organic SEO). Long gone are the days where’d you’d have to rush off from work and hire a van to get a Vogue Coffee Table (so organic right now). We now have online shops, open 24/7. Which of course, transfers the power from the chains to the consumer.

TL;DR: we’re here for the millennials. We’re for the new wave of consumers who believe they should get whatever what want, exactly when they want it. This format we offer, it empowers the consumer, and we’re all about consumer power. The internet should be seen as a Robin Hood-like figure within the realms of consumerism; it has taken the power from the big brands and put it right in the hands of the consumer. 

Choose well. Choose Furniture Box.