Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation after a long day of work to create a meal that is not only quick but also tasty, without opening a packet and whacking it straight in the oven! So to make the most out of family time, and enjoy your Furniturebox dining sets, I've created a 3 course Italian meal for not only you meaty eaters, but also our veggie & vegan pals! Each meal takes under 10-20 mins to make, and is bloody tasty! (Tried and tested myself) Here we go!

Starter: Italian Herb Chicken Bruschetta - Serves 4-5
Oooo it's tasty and it's super quick! To save yourself time, if you have any left over chicken pieces from your Sunday roast, or have some chicken pieces spare from your week sarnies, then this will be easy peasy!
All you need is!
. One whole stick of soft french bread
. Chicken pieces (cooked) and pulled! (remove for veggie & vegan)
. 3 teaspoons of Italian seasoning . A Splash of Olive oil & Balsamic
. 2 teaspoons of minced garlic
. Shaved Parmesan cheese (substitute for vegan cheese)
. Salt & pepper to taste
. 4 Juicy tomatoes
. 1 red onion
. Fresh basil

Method: Easy As Pie!
. Cut your french bread into nice chunky pieces (to an angle to give room for all the delicious toppings!)
. Spread a thin layer of minced garlic and olive oil over the bread (or to taste if you're warding off the vampires this October!)
. Layer the second half with your pre cooked pulled chicken pieces
. In a bowl, mix chopped tomatoes, red onion, Italian seasoning, fresh basil (leave a little to dress) salt and pepper, olive oil, and minced garlic.
. Once completely mixed, spread a nice chunky layer over the garlic and chicken (or after the garlic for our V pals!)
. Finally garnish with the left over basil, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with the shaved Parmesan cheese, and voila! Quick, simple & darn tasty!
And it should look a little something like this!

Main: Italian Pesto Chicken And Melting Cheese Bake - Serves 4
One of the most simple and easy meals after a long day, a BAKE! Not your standard tuna in a bottle mix, this is a fresh and tasty version that once popped in the oven, you can kick back and relax and catch up on bake-off!
All you're going to need is:
. One pack of chicken sausages (veggie or vegan sausages)
. Any shelled pasta you like!
. Pot of boiling water
. 2 Sweet Peppers
. 400g of spinach
. 50g of Italian cheese
. Medium bunch of basil
. 200g mozzarella
. Olive oil to taste
. 4 tablespoons Pesto

Method: Quick enough to catch the start of Corrie!
. Cook the pasta in boiling water for 8 minutes, and save 100ml of the water once cooked.
. Roll the sausage meat into bite size balls and fry for 4 mins, then add the two sweet peppers chopped until starting to glaze.
. Return the drained pasta to the saucepan. Stir in the pesto, spinach, reserved cooking water, meatballs and peppers. Tip into an ovenproof dish, top with the mozzarella and bake for 15 mins. Season with a pinch of salt, black pepper and serve scattered with the reserved basil leaves
And there you have it, all done! Now go put your feet up and wait until that joyous delight comes out the oven, a little like this!

Desert: Delicious Choc Pud!
This recipe below is actually vegan, however if you would like to change the milk for semi skimmed or full fat for extra taste, then crack on!
Also this is the most simple desert, chuck 5 ingredients into a blender and HEY PRESTO! Also it's super healthy! When do you ever hear those words altogether in a sentence aye?
. 1 large ripe avocado
. 1/4 cup almond milk
. 1/4 cup cocoa powder
. 1tsp vanilla
. pinch of salt
For toppings, the world is your oyster! Pop whatever you like on top, from choc chips, mini marshmallows, fresh raspberries or heck why not even drizzle shredded coconut flakes or even better... all the above!

Method: Well... stick it all in a blender until smooth, pop in a bowl/ramekin/cup of your choice and serve once chilled with toppings!
Yes it really is as simple as that, and should look like these beauties!

Credit to ShaneAndSimple/Tesco/BBC Food to where all these original ideas have been adapted!

I'd love to see all of your attempts so hashtag #FurnitureboxFoodie and we'll even pop your best attempts up on Furniturebox HQ! Kate x