We currently have a great modern furniture sale on if you didn’t know! An item for everybody in there; from the contemporary homeowner all the way to the home worker. We know sometimes it’s can be difficult knowing what sort of products you'd like, so today we’re going to help you out!

The Modern Home Owner

Have you make the decision that you want a fresh interior in your house, but there’s one problem: Your funds are low. Well, that’s the very reason we slashed these prices.

We have many, many great looking dining table sets in our sale. Some loud, some subtle; some chic, some reserved. All great, undeniably. Like, for example, our

Havana Dining Table Set

Our sleek Havana set will transcend your dining space. Whether your current space needs a sprinkle of modernisation. Whether it needs something elegantly understated to perfectly enact that relaxed, young professional atmosphere you so desire. Perhaps you simply need a great looking table at an affordable price. This table suits all. Price £159.99

Modern Furniture

If you're not after a dining set we have many other items like our

Samba TV Stand

The Samba TV stand is an undeniably beautiful piece. It’s great for storage, offering three sliding draws and also additional shelves below the stand, but perhaps it’s best trait is its versatility; it looks great in almost all lounges. Trust us, we’ve seen. Price £129.99

Modern Furniture

Maybe you’re after some chairs?

Stockholm Dining Chairs

Simple, yet brilliant, our Stockholm Chair offer a subtle elegance to room that they occupy. People are more inclined towards stripped back looks at the moment and thus explains these chairs popularity. Price £54.99

Modern Furniture

The Home Worker

Some fear setting up a home office will damage their work/play balance. Those who have set up one have been said that it has helped their work/play balance. Our take is that it helps with the balance. Whatever your stance, it’s worth giving it a go; we can help with the setting of a home office if wanted!

There are, of course, some great items in our sale for this very cause. Like, for example, our

Office Chair Collection

We have a plethora of chairs in our sale. All equipped with total comfort. These chairs wouldn’t go amiss in skyscraper offices, nevermind your home. Are you ready to obliterate all your business goals as you over-indulge in comfort? Price £64.99

Modern Furniture

Perhaps you’re in the market for a desk. No problem, we have the exact thing for you!

Windsor Executive Desk

Our Windsor desk manages to enact a harmonious balance of sleek and professionalism. Perfect for a home office, it oozes class as well as enabling you to get all your additional work done, in the evenings or at the weekend. Price £109.99

Modern Furniture

Furniture Box - Modern Furniture

Hopefully you can find something you like in our sale, if not, our normal prices aren’t too bad either! And by not too bad we mean better than everyone else on the market. Don’t forget our free next day delivery, too! If you have any questions or would like to know more about any one of our products, give us a call or drop us a message.