Here at Furniturebox, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and support. With us, the customer needs to be happy otherwise we’re simply not satisfied. We might be a small team, but we are always on hand to help out with your queries. Our high-quality products and fast, impressive service is what makes our customers happy. Now, we’ve got a new addition to our team to help us progress with our achievements - our new bendy forklift!

We’re based in Wiltshire, where our flat pack furniture is stocked and sent out daily. The new forklift simply has to get a mention, it has much higher reach for our newer and bigger warehouse. With more stock, more tools and more staff, we’re growing every day, meaning we’re exceeding further as a company.

What else has changed?

Improved customer service! Not only do we have the fancy forklift to access the stock more efficiently, we’ve now brought Sarah on board as a customer service assistant. Meaning that somebody is always available to handle your enquiries, making your journey with us a quick and reliable one. Within just one day, you could’ve ordered and received your chosen piece of furniture!

Stockists are expanding! Wayfair - one of the world's largest online home stores has now started stocking Furniturebox products. We're over the moon to have an average product rating as 4.7/5 stars. We’re only looking to improve upon this. As well as Wayfair, you can find our modern furniture range on the following platforms...

furniturebox stockists

Our hottest products right now?

Our top trending products are the must-haves. Not just because of their quality, but because each piece of furniture that we provide comes hand in hand with impeccable service. If you do fancy checking out any of the pieces below, don’t forget, we offer a FREE next day delivery service.

The Diamond Mirror Bedside Table

Mirrored furniture has proven to be a top trend, and this stylish side table can be placed anywhere you fancy. As it’s not just stunning to look at, it provides an unsurpassed elegance. It stands out from the crowd.

mirror bedside table furniturebox

The Alexis Coffee Table

This piece is the epitome of modern. High gloss blended with glass to offer a simplistic, minimalistic masterpiece. Working as a fantastic living focal point, there’s even space for storage.

modern white and black coffee table

The Giovani Diner

With tinted black glass, contemporary black dining chairs and a striking overall look, this dining table is a faultless addition to any forward-thinking home. It’s simply a set that makes you go ‘wow’. We’re proud to have it as part of our dining furniture collection.

modern glass dining table

The Rotating Computer Desk

This practical desk has a high gloss finish, is visually attractive and boasts incredibly practical storage usage. With a rotating shelf, you can fit this workstation into any modern setting, it makes for a perfect home office. Let the productivity begin!

rotating computer desk

Our plans for the future? To keep providing you, our loyal customers with modernistic, affordable, fast-arriving furniture that makes a real difference to your living surroundings.

Furniture isn’t just furniture. It makes your home feel lived in and it represents your unique style. With Furniturebox - your dining table set or office chair will arrive the very next day. Before you know it, you’ve easily assembled your new item and you’ve transformed your living space!

Don’t forget to check back in to discover new products, and thank you for reading...

Monty, Dan, Trudie and Sarah